1. Bloggers United 4


    The 4th installment of the BU Bazaar. This time, I’m not alone. I brought some of my friends with me. We had a blast looking for stuff to buy and of course, non-stop chatting and talking with friends & bloggers there. It’s a 2 day affair, but we went there on the first day only. So here’s a photo dump of what went down during the event. 


    The BU Logo


    The crowd. As expected, it will be a very busy place.


    Sam, Mel, & Nate joined me. So glad that they had fun & they are looking forward to BU5 :)


    Pls excuse my “Duck” face! :D


    Let the Shopping begin! At first, they were overwhelmed with the crowd and lots of stuff being sold, but eventually they were able to find good stuff there.


    Of course, picture taking with the Bloggers! This is Verniece Enciso. The girls love her Dress! It’s an eye catcher!


    With her sibling Vern Enciso :)


    Group Shot


    With Nicole Andersson. It’s her first time to join BU.


    With the Scene StealerLissa Kahayon


    With David Guison


    With Bjorn Bedayo


    With Paul Riyadh Chuapoco


    With Gelo Arucan


    Gelo striking a Fierce pose!


    With Paul Jatayna


    With Dani Barretto


    Another “First-Timer” here to join the BU is Mikyle Quizon.


    Girls with Mikyle :)


    Beautiful couple Raiza Poquiz & Jacob Gayanelo


    Girls can’t get enough of Jacob!


    With Patricia Prieto & Kryz Uy


    After about a couple of hours, we pause for a break and eat merienda.



    With Cariz :) (Mel’s cousin)


    Playing with Sam’s Aviator from Ray-Ban


    After eating and chit-chatting with friends, we went back to the booths and decided to have dinner at MOA then watched the movie “Silent Hill


    With my Supermegafriend Valerie


    After watching the movie, we went back to World Trade Center! (ayaw paawat!) lol


    Sam bought some skin products from the actress Gladys Reyes


    What I wore: Polo Shirt (Penshoppe); V-Neck Shirt (Folded & Hung); Pants (Bench); Shoes (Adidas); Watch (Fossil); Bag (Polo Club Beverly Hills)


    Decided to sport this Casual and very comfortable outfit since I’m expecting to bump with a huge crowd and I know a lot of walking awaits us! haha


    Looking forward to Bloggers United 5 this coming May 2013! See you there if ever! :)

    If you have comments, opinions or just want to talk to me, you can connect with me through my Twitter. Click HERE

    Happy Holidays!!


  2. Night Life!

    If you heard or read about the good news before this post, you know what will happen next. Celebration! Yey at last! :)

    To tell you guys, weeks before the results of the Board exam, we were all Praying really hard. I guess everyone should do that. Aside from that, we are all so kind to everyone. As in we are afraid to commit sin or say anything bad about anyone. Because of one big reason. We are afraid of the Bad Karma! hahaha :) (Panakot yan eh, “Sige ka! Babagsak ka sa Board exam!”)

    We also limit our social networking activities and other stuff. We rarely go out with friends. So when the time came that we knew we passed the Board Exam, we we’re all like "ahhh nakahinga rin sa wakas!" haha

    So does it mean na balik na kami sa dati? haha. My answer? Sort of! haha :D

    So last week me and my friends went out and Party. Here are some of the photos I grab from my friend’s Instagram

    Saw this beautiful and big Christmas Tree! Christmas is fast approaching! :)

    Here’s my friend, Nate enjoying some arcade at GameZoo!

    Game face on! We went there a little early so we decided to roam around first and play. We want to arrive at the Club a bit late so everyone’s in the mood already!

    We saw this cute and colorful floor!


    Our feet!

    We went to Republiq Club 

    We were able to bump with our good friend, Jono!

    At around past 2am, we decided to go to Opus Restaurant and LoungeThey’re playing RnB and Hip-Hop Mash-up even on a Saturday! :) We’re enjoying the Lychees! haha

    Overexposed! We have few photos but we have plenty of videos that night! lol

    How are you friend? hahah Carry on! :D

    So there you have it! We left the place at around 4am already and went straight to a Hotel to spend the night.

    Such a blast! looking forward to another set of Partying and Bar Hopping!

    Here’s a photo of us with Glenn and Mish. This was taken a couple of weeks before this Night out happened. That’s why we are wearing different clothes here.

    Enjoy your life guys and Live to the fullest! :)

  3. I’m Back with a Good News!

    Hello there my Fierce readers! First of all, I would like to apologize for not updating this blog for a long time already. I can’t just say that I have no time or I am busy because, that’s not a valid reason. But I will try my best to at least update this Blog once in a while.

    So there! What’s the Good News? 


    After almost 5 years of studies, quizzes, long tests, presentations, duties, related-learning experiences, case presentations, researches, thesis, competency appraisal, immersions, and more paper works at least it all turned out great!

    This year has been so good to me. I finished College and passed the Board exam. I’m so lucky, I know that in reality, not everyone has the privilege to formal and quality education. I’m also aware that not everyone who took the board exam, passed. There are still some waiting for their perfect time. And I pray for those people to pass and reach their goals in God’s perfect time. So good luck guys! You can do it! :)

    Here’s my Licence. I just got it today! :) I’m so happy! (Pls bare with my face and low quality of the photo, I just used my phone)

    Went to my Alma Mater (Lyceum of the Philippines University) to claim my Yearbook. So excited to finally browse each page! By the way, it’s so heavy! hahaha :D

    I claimed my ID under Philippine Red Cross as well. (Naks! I’m so productive today! Multi-tasking, I was able to make a blog post pa!)

    FYI, I had my Basic First-Aid and Basic Life Support with CPR Training under Philippine Red Cross (Manila). The experience was so fun and educational at the same time. I gained new friends and I was refreshed with the skills. I got my certificates also for this.

    So there, I’ll post more updates in the coming blog posts.

    Take Care & God Bless Guys! :*

  4. Prive’ Luxury Club

    Last Friday the 13th, me and some of my friends went clubbing at Prive’ Luxury Club at The Fort, Taguig City. It’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve been doing nothing productive. A literal homeboy should I say. And I swear, Boredom will Kill me! So I decided to check some Clubs that offer “guestlist”. Honestly, I never tried going to clubs like this before, it’s my first time. haha! And I’ll tell you, I never regretted a thing. I really Enjoyed a lot and I know that it’s not going to be the last one. I invited a couple of friends to come over but unfortunately they didn’t make it to some reason.

    So without any more further preamble, here’s a photo dump of what went down that night. I edited most of the photos because of the bad coverage I had.

    Every Friday Night, they have the event entitled “INCOGNITO”. Pretty much the night is filled with a mash up of Hip-hop, RnB and Party Songs provided by some of the top DJ’s in the Country.

    This event is presented by Johnnie Walker.

    Starting off, here’s a photo of me, checking myself in the mirror.

    While waiting for some of my friends, I took a photo of my shoes

    Back to me again! haha (Vain, huh?)

    Fullybooked, Bonifacio Highstreet my hangout place.

    This scene welcomes us to the place. A lot of people are already there Partying!


    With my date for that night, my beautiful friend, Sam :)

    "Cheers to the Freakin’ Weekend, I’ll drink to that!"  -Rihanna

    The DJ’s are really good!

    I’m lovin’ the interior setup of this club!

    Cocktail (Kamikaze)

    A good friend of mine, Melvin

    I was able to go up stage with DJ Mars Miranda.

    I spotted a couple of Drinks in the bar.

    Another one

    I told ya! They have a good interior design there. I liked it a lot!

    I bumped into Chicosci's Vocalist Miggy Chavez

    Also with JM de Guzman. Actually a lot of known people were there.

    And the Partying goes on and on and on…

    So there, we decided to take some of our outfit shot. What I wore:

    Tailored Blazer, Bench Shirt and OJ Jeans, Rockport Shoes and Clutch Bag from Giordano.

    I Love this Shot! thanks Melvin! You da’ Best!

    Meanwhile, here’s Sam, sporting a simple girl look :)

    Effortless! Thanks Sam for accompanying me! I really had a good time with you and Melvin. Til’ next time!

    Mirror were all over the Place! So we tried to play with it.

    So there, I really had so much Fun dancing and singing with the crowd. Definitely going back!

    For the GUESTLIST under Sha Supangan:

    • ♚BBM pin:261F1FE7
    • ♚ INCOGNITOatPRIVE@gmail.com
    • ♚ 0917-880-7827 for TABLE RESERVATIONS & inquiries.

    Tweet me your opinions and suggestions or any other comments. I’d be glad to talk to you :) Click HERE for my Twitter account.


  5. Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination

    Hi guys! How are you all doing? I am sorry if I was not able to update my blog for a couple of days ago. I am pre-occupied with the Board Exam. Just so you know, it’s fast approaching & it’s less than a week to go. It is scheduled on June30-July 1, 2012 (Saturday & Sunday). An important weekend for all aspiring nurses like me.

    A month ago, we started our In-House Review at my Alma Mater, Lyceum of the Philippines University. Our dean, Leonora N. Reyes also invited the PCU-Mary-Johnston College and other selected students from other school (who is now, our Friends). That is what is keeping me busy this past few weeks. I am humbly asking for your Prayers (though you don’t know me personally) for me to pass the Board exam.

    By the way, I was one of the endorsed students by our College to be tagged as "Green" or "Go" signal to take the Board Exam this June (Thank you Lord).

    I just posted this text post for me to vent out my feelings and to explain as well the reason of me being not updated here on Tumblr.


    1. Examinees should report before 6:30 in the morning every examination day. LATE EXAMINEES WILL NOT BE ADMITTED.
    2. Bring the following: Notice of Admission (NOA), Official Receipt, pencils no. 1 or 2,  black ball pens, metered-stamped window mailing envelope, long brown and long plastic envelopes.
    4. Wear the prescribed dress code.
    • For more Information, kindly Visit PRC official Website HERE.

    Thank you so much guys, and I already claim that I will pass the Board exam together with my Batchmates, Destinatus. In full confidence, with the Help of our Dear Savior, Jesus Christ.


    I was able to finish the entire Review without repeating a piece of clothing (except for Jeans/Shorts). haha I already thought of posting an outfit Blog entry everyday but that was not my focus for the meantime. So there, Good Luck to the Future Competent & Safe Registered Nurses! :)

    Let’s do this!


  6. Folded & Hung

    The latest from one of the sought after Clothing Brand Folded & Hung has arrived! And this time, it’s none other than their Denim. Let’s see their collection as Anne Curtis modeled for this awesome pieces. It’s a photo dump I got from their Facebook page.

    It’s Back to Basic! Shall I say?

    You’ll never go wrong with Denim. It’s a must that you have one on your closet.

    Another good thing about denim is that, you can pair it with almost everything!

    Anne Curtis is so Beautiful! Agree?

    There you go guys! :)

    For more information you can Visit their Site HERE.

    or you can just visit the nearest Store at your place.

    What can you say about their latest collection? Tweet them HERE.

    You can also connect with me on Twitter if you have any comments or suggestions. Stay connected! Click Here.

    Ok, time to Review my Notes, there’s only 18 more freakin’ Days before the NLE Board!! OMG!! So Help me GOD :)




    This looks like a cool thing to do tomorrow. See you there?

    Follow them on TWITTER

    Visit their Site HERE.



    Love & Fierce,





    Do you want to explore our school in a fun and exciting way?…

    Lyceum Central Student Government presents "THE AMAZING RACE: PIRATES EDITION"

    Register Now!!! :)) Only 7 slots per college are available.

    For more details just contact your LOCAL STUDENT COUNCIL. or send a message here.

    So, JOIN NA! :)

    Classes begin on JUNE 14, 2012



    Love & Fierce,


  9. Bloggers United 3: Summer Bazaar

    It was my 2nd time to Join the Bloggers United. I came all the way from my NLE Board Review haha! As expected, I really Enjoy the event and I had so much Fun talking with my favorite Bloggers and I also gain new friends. So without any more “che che bureche” here’s a Photo Dump of what went down during the Event:

    The #BU3 Logo

    On my way to the Grand Events Place, Makati, it was really Raining hard. My Cargo pants is literally wet! Good thing I have an Umbrella with me.

    This scene welcome me to the place. Lots of people are there!

    The First person I approach was Gerd Perez. Thank you Gerd for being so accommodating! haha :)

    Top of the List: David Guison

    Carlos Concepcion of Kingdom of the C.

    I Love the entire look, Carlos! Btw, it’s his first time to Join the BU.

    Bjorn Bedayo

    Vern Enciso's Booth. But I wasn't able to take a picture of her.

    Paul Jatayna

    Laureen Uy x Camille Co

    A lot of Fierce and Cool Shoes were sold in the Bazaar.

    Laureen and Carlos

    Every time we have a picture together, we are always sitting! haha :D (Just like in BU2)

    David Guison’s Booth

    Lissa Kahayon of Scene Stealer

    With Lissa

    It was my first time to meet Camille Co

    Kyz Uy

    More photos, More Choices! LOL

    The Pretty Patricia Prieto

    Up on Stage

    He’s a Brother of one of the Bloggers there.

    Nice meeting you Dominic!

    Gelo Arucan is very Fabgelous!

    Gelo’s Booth is Full of Color & Creative Stuff!

    These girls are so Sweet and talented, they create most of the Accessories they are selling :)

    The Fierce Karl Leuterio.

    The rest of the Fierces!

    The Winner of “Bring Me: The Oldest Phone Unit” This part is sooo Fun! haha Congratulations to you!

    Rest for a while.

    Before I left the Bazaar, I was able to take a couple of photos with these guys.

    When I’m about to leave the Bazaar, this strikes my attention. The Fashionary, it’s like a compilation or Diary of your Sketches. I’m really interested with this! haha

    There you go guys! I know it’s really a long blog post, but I was in the mood in taking a lot of photos that day. Thanks to my Co-Blogger Michellyn Gari. You already know why!

    Lem’me know your thoughts and opinions, connect with me on TWITTER. I’ll be glad to communicate with you :)



  10. Garage Magazine June 2012 Issue

    Get to know the new golden boy and Kapamilya young actor Joseph Marco as he graces the cover of Garage Magazine‘s back-to-school special for June 2012.

    Also featured in Garage Magazine is an exclusive interview with America’s Best Dance Crew winner I.AM.ME who explains the brain bang theory. And their feature “Learning in the year of the Lourd De Veyra“.

    Check out also the the best blazers, watches, and shoes to buy this season, plus the coolest accessories to sport now.

    Joseph Marco appeared in two versions of the Garage magazine cover. One version featured Joseph as a tough guy in white shirt, with sleeves rolled-up and fist clenched (2nd Photo). The other one showed Joseph in a sophisticated style, handsome and dashing in his yellow suit. (1st Photo)

    There you go! Connect with me on TWITTER and share your thoughts and Opinions :) I’ll be glad to answer all of those!



    Love and Fierce,


  11. Hi Fellow readers! How are you doing? Lemme’ know your thoughts and feelings. You can connect with me on TWITTER. I am more Active there :)


    By the Way, here’s a Video of CALL ME MAYBE feat. Georgina, Belle, Solenn, Anne, Liz, Bea etc (OFFICIAL)

    Everyone seems to be Addicted with this Song. I’ve been playing this song on my iPod for ther nth time already! And I just can’t get enough of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Debut song.

    I Love this Video, very Fun and spontaneous! Watch it and I’m sure it will give you good vibes!

    (by migslugs)



    Love and Fierce,


  12. See You at BLOGGERS UNITED 3!

    Hello Fellow Readers! First of all please forgive me for the lack of post (I always say this lol). I know that you will understand that I am currently having my Review for the upcoming Nursing Licensure Examination this coming June 30 and July 1, 2012. So, please do Pray for me. BTW, Let’s go back to the main topic and the reason why you are reading this blog post. Please allow me to invite you to something that many have been waiting for :) (drum roll please)

    BU Strikes Three!

    Third time’s the charm for the most anticipated fashion bloggers event in the country!

    Bloggers United is staging their third bloggers bazaar this June 2 at the Grandview Events Place to once again gather Manila’s top fashion bloggers in one single venue outside of the World Wide Web. After holding two successful events last year, Bloggers United has easily become one of the most anticipated affairs for both fashion bloggers and readers in the metro. More than just a bazaar, Bloggers United also partners with charitable groups to use and channel their influence in a positive manner.

    Through the overwhelming power of social media and blogs in today’s generation, the previous Bloggers United events have successfully joined forces with top fashion bloggers to inspire their followers and to raise funds for various beneficiaries, namely KIDS Foundation and GMA Kapuso Foundation. This time around, the event will benefit Operation Smile Philippines.

    The event gets better and better every time! To make Bloggers United 3 even more momentous, top Indonesian fashion blogger Anastacia Siantar of The Brown Platform will also be selling alongside Cebu fashion bloggers and our very own top celebrities Divine Lee & Sarah Meier.

    So, if you love blog-reading and blog-hopping, Bloggers United is sure to be the perfect end-of-summer bazaar for you. Not only will you be able to bump elbows with your favorite bloggers at the event, but you will also be able to snag some of their own stylish statement pieces as they open their closets to sell to the public. Stay-up-to-date with the biggest gathering of bloggers by following them on Twitter and Facebook, and bookmarking the Official Webpage.

    Bloggers United is in partnership with:

    • Operation Smile
    • Globe Tattoo

    Event is co-presented by:

    • Colgate
    • Hedgren
    • Jansport
    • Canon
    • Zalora
    • Raffles
    • Clear
    • Pond’s
    • Hotel Celeste

    Official Media Partners:

    • ETC
    • Meg
    • Status Magazine
    • When in Manila
    • Gadgets Magazine

    In cooperation with:

    • Kotex
    • Payless
    • Nail It
    • Fashionary
    • Pinkbox
    • Coca Cola
    • Lorys

    Special thanks:

    • The Closet Goddess
    • Le Plume
    • Asian Vogue
    • Bubbles

    There you have it Folks! By the way have you seen their Youtube Video? Gosh! You have to Watch it! It’s so cool! Click the Link HERE.


    I still have a Lecture that day, I don’t know if I’ll just attend the first session and sneak out during Break time lol (Don’t do that!)

    See you Friends & Loves!



    Love & Fierce,


  13. GRADUATION DAY! (Commencement Exercise)

    Yes! At last! The Long Wait is almost over! (Almost, because we still need to Review and Pass the NLE Boards). But at least, this is just another milestone in anyone’s life that I have accomplished. It’s so overwhelming and until now I can’t believe that I reached this far. I know that not everyone is privilege to attain and finish their studies and be a Degree holder. So I am very much thankful first of all to God, my Family and also, I’ll include my Friends who have been very very supportive and is always there for me. If you still don’t know, I took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Lyceum of the Philippines University (Main Campus) in Intramuros, Manila.

    By the way it happened last April 21, 2012 (sorry for the late post yet again!). Held at PICC Complex. So here’s a photo dump of what happened during that very momentous event in my life and to all the Graduates of 2012! Congratulations to us! :)

    This Way please lol :D

    The Stage (View from the Audience)

    Look for my Name here.

    Before I wear my Cap

    Some of my Batchmates

    My Supermegafriends

    With my Bff Dee Pardo

    With my Ever Loyal, Funny and All Around Friend! LOL Mish’ Abella

    We call ourselves The Solid Three. We’ve been through a lot since first year until today and forever. I Love you both! :*

    With my Fierce Friend and Co-Blogger Ate Michellyn Gari

    A good Friend of Mine, ever Beautiful Santi Santiago

    Another Group Shot

    Before we Enter the Hall

    Here are some of the Proud Parents :)

    I’m Excited and Nervous at the Same time, while waiting for our turn to get up the stage.

    Our Dean Leonora N. Reyes, RN, MN

    My Gosh! LOL Singing the LPU Anthem

    The view from where I sitted

    This is Fun! Tossing of Caps! :)

    Yey! We have our Diploma already!

    After the Ceremony with some of our Clinical Instructors

    There you have it! Congratulations once again to the Graduates of 2012! And to my Batch Destinatus, let’s make it on Board Exam! :)

    (I excluded the Family pictures and the Post-Graduation Celebration in this post)



    Love & Fierce,


  14. Anne Curtis Wears Francis Libiran for America’s Next Top Model (by FRL888ful)

    Gosh! This one makes me proud. I wonder what Tyra Banks has to say with this. So talented and creative. World class! :)

    Mark Nicdao (Photographer) did a great job too! Of course Anne Curtis Pulled it off! :)


    Btw, Follow me on Twitter here for more updates and I am more active there. Keep in touch!



    Love & Fierce,


  15. I really Love this Song! Very Interesting Music Video too! Rihanna x Drake together! <3 <3 <3 :))


    Take Care (Official Music Video)-Drake Feat. Rihanna (by ThatKidLitombe)



    Love & Fierce,


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